WBHF Meaning

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Other Meanings of WBHF Definition

  • WideBand High Frequency (Electronics, Technology, Engineering)
  • World Boxing Hall of Fame (Riverside, CA; est. 1980)
  • AM-1450, Cartersville, Georgia (Radio Station, Broadcasting Station, Wireless Station)
  • Water Buffalo Horn Ferrule
  • Wide Band High Frequency
  • Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame (Since 1999; Knoxville, TN, USA)
  • Women’s Breast Health Formula (Food, Nutrition, Victual)
  • Worlds Biiggest Hardy Fan
  • World’s Biggest Hardy Fan (wrestler)

What is the meaning of WBHF abbreviation?

Meaning of WBHF definition is WideBand High Frequency in Electronics, Technology, Engineering.

WBHF Full Form

Updated: 11 September 2021, 05:25