TTAD Meaning

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Other Meanings of TTAD Definition

  • Temporary Tour of Active Duty
  • Temporary Tour Active Duty (Military)
  • Temporary Tours of Active Duty (Military, Army, War)
  • N-tritriacontane-16,18-dione (Oncology, Medical)
  • Telemedicine Technology Area Directorate
  • Time To All-cause-Discontinuation (Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Medical)
  • Total Tract Apparent Digestibility (Veterinary)
  • Training and Technical Assistance Division
  • Traumatic Thoracic Aortic Disruption (Surgery, Medical)
  • Truckee Tahoe Airport District
  • Truckee-Tahoe Airport District (Truckee, CA)
  • TRADOC (Training & Doctrine Command Training and Doctrine)

What is the meaning of TTAD abbreviation?

Meaning of TTAD definition is Temporary Tour of Active Duty.

TTAD Full Form

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