TRPM Meaning

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Other Meanings of TRPM Definition

  • Transient Receptor Potential Melastatin (Medical, Channel, Receptor)
  • TRP Melastatin (Biochemistry, Medical)
  • Tahoe Resort Property Management
  • Temporary Raised Pavement Markers
  • Temporary Raised Pavement Marker
  • Testosterone-repressed Prostate Message (Medical, Medicine, Healthcare)
  • testosterone repressed prostatic message
  • Texas Residential Property Manager (Management, Business, Texas)
  • Tivoli Release Process Manager
  • Towing and Recovery Professionals of Maryland
  • Transportation Resource Planning and Management (Technology)
  • Trophoblast Plasma Membranes (Oncology, Medical)
  • TRP Melastatin Type (Neurology, Medical)
  • Testosterone-Repressed Prostate Message (gene expression)
  • Township Residential Property Market (South Africa)

What is the meaning of TRPM abbreviation?

Meaning of TRPM definition is Transient Receptor Potential Melastatin in Medical, Channel, Receptor.

TRPM Full Form

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