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Other Meanings of TFAS Definition

  • Trans Fatty Acids (Medical, Acid, Food)
  • Transcription Factor Activities (Technology, Networking, Transcription)
  • The Fund for American Studies (Washington, DC)
  • Total Facet Arthroplasty System (Medical, Facet, Spine)
  • Total Fatty Acids (Biotechnology)
  • Total Force Administration System (Marine Corps)
  • Table Football Association of Singapore
  • Tactical Fuel Automation System (Military)
  • Task Force Able Sentry (Military, Army, Defence)
  • Task Force Arabian Sea (Military)
  • Technical Field Awards (Medal, Technology, Award)
  • Technology Focus Areas
  • Telugu Fine Arts Society (Music, Organizations, Song)
  • Tension-Free Alloplastic Slings (Urology, Medical)
  • Terrain Feature Analysis System
  • Test Flying Academy of South
  • The Falcon and the Snowman
  • The Fat and Skinny
  • The Fine Arts Showcase
  • Tibiofemoral Angles (Orthopaedic, Medical)
  • Toledo Federation of Art Societies
  • Tongue-Flick Attack Score (Environmental Health, Public Health, Health)
  • total fatty acids (Oil, Medical, Food)
  • Tractwise FA Statistics (Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, Medical)
  • Tractwise Fractional Anisotropy Statistics (Clinical, Laboratory, Medical)
  • Traffic Flow Automation System (Technology)
  • Trans FAs (Nutrition, Nutrition Science, Medical)
  • Transfemoral Amputations (Rehabilitation, Medical)
  • Transfemoral Amputees (Orthopaedic, Medical)
  • Transmit Frame Acquisition and Synchronization (Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications)
  • Trans Unsaturated Fatty Acids (Biochemistry, Medical)
  • Trust Fund Accounting System
  • Trust Funds Accounting System
  • Technology for All Students (Texas Instruments)
  • The Forwardian Arts Society

What is the meaning of TFAS abbreviation?

Meaning of TFAS definition is Trans Fatty Acids in Medical, Acid, Food.

TFAS Full Form

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