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Other Meanings of TAMP Definition

  • Therapeutic Asian Massage Parlor (Escort, Sex, Sexual)
  • Transition Assistance Management Program
  • Tamponade (Medical, Cardiology)
  • Tampering (Government, Jail)
  • Tariff Authority for Major Ports (Business, India, Shipping)
  • Tariff Authority for Major Port (India, Business, Shipping)
  • Tufts Assessment of Motor Performance (Medical, Rehabilitation)
  • Türkiye Afet Müdahale Planı (Planning, Durum)
  • T-wave Amplitude (Cardiology, Medical)
  • Tactical Air Missile Program
  • Tactical Antimissile Measurement Program (Technology)
  • TADIL-A Message Processor (Military, Technology)
  • Tariff Authority of Major Ports
  • Tax Administration Modernization Project (Technology)
  • Taxpayer Account Management Program
  • Tekirdağ Afet Müdahale Planı’nın
  • Tekirdağ Afet Müdahale Planının
  • Tennessee Amphibian Monitoring Program
  • Test Amplitude (Psychopharmacology, Medical)
  • Texas Acquired Minerals Project
  • Turnkey Asset Management Program
  • Theater Aviation Maintenance Program
  • TRADOC Architecture Management Program (US Army)
  • Threshold and Merge Prefixes

What is the meaning of TAMP abbreviation?

Meaning of TAMP definition is Therapeutic Asian Massage Parlor in Escort, Sex, Sexual.

TAMP Full Form

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