SETS Meaning

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Other Meanings of SETS Definition

  • Set Byte if Sign
  • Service Flying Training School
  • Support Enforcement Tracking System (Ohio)
  • Stock Exchange Electronic Trading Service
  • Spoken Error Tracking System
  • Synchronous Equipment Timing Source
  • Statistical Export and Tabulation System
  • Shuttle Electrodynamic Tether System (experiment on the TSS-1R shuttle tethered satellite mission)
  • Site Enforcement Tracking System
  • Set Equation Transformation System
  • System Engineering & Technical Support
  • Service Establishment Technology Solutions (Sprint)
  • Solar Energy Thermionic Conversion System
  • Space, Energy, Time Savings Systems, Inc. (tankless water heater manufacturer)
  • Stability-Enhancing Two-Step (technique)
  • Student Evaluation of Teaching and Subject
  • Stereo Electrooptical Tracking System
  • Space Electrodynamics and Tether Systems
  • Solar Electric Test Satellite
  • Swath Extension by Timing Saturation (radar)
  • Simulated Environment Test Signal
  • Simulated Environmental Test Signal

What is the meaning of SETS abbreviation?

Meaning of SETS definition is Set Byte if Sign.

SETS Full Form

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