Roses Tattoo Meaning

Rose is the big flower symbolism in Western culture. To get an idea, this flower is dedicated to various goddesses, among them Aphrodite and Venus (Greek goddess of love and beauty Rome). Roses can be found in a variety of colors and each has a different meaning.

It is worth saying that the ancient Greeks believed they were all white, and one day when the Aphrodite’s blood jabbed a thorn that came out to paint red, white petals. After looking deep into the forms of roses, it was understood that they all had an air and feminine style, emerged in Iran, where male flowers were considered, and. In the less distant past, flower tattoos were fairly common to sailors in the 1940s, however, making honors to wives and lovers who were in the land.

Rose Tattoo Meaning

The rose symbol has more than one equivalent. One of them is Greek mythology. It is believed that the blood on the beloved Adonis of Afrodi, the goddess of love, turned into a rose bud. Adonis is believed to represent love and loyalty for the rose that sprouts on it. There are many legends about love and loyalty, but this legend comes to life again on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. The rose symbol, which was born from legends and represents love, was inspired by rose tattoos in this way. Nowadays, people express their love with roses before words.

Roses, the most special symbol for lovers to show their lovers, are also a symbol of femininity as well as this meaning. A rose tattoo, man or woman noticing; it can mean one’s mother, spouse or lover. This situation is more common among seafarers. They carry these tattoos as a symbol of the women in their lives. If we go back in history, we see rose figures as a symbol corresponding to the Virgin Mary.

Colors and Roses

One thing is important to explain: Roses are not only roses, there are also white, red, yellow, blue and even roses. Besides the shape of the rose has its own meaning, the colors used to paint flowers also carry their own meaning:

  • Red roses tattoo meaning: This representation of true love can passionately talk about height and also about romantic love.
  • Mercan roses tattoo meaning: This is a desire for an idea to come.
  • Pink roses tattoo meaning: elegance, elegance and a certain sophistication.
  • Yellow roses tattoo meaning: Historically, yellow flowers have been very tied to the idea of ​​jealousy, but more modern times could mean family love.
  • Blue roses tattoo meaning: Because of a love incapacity or an arrangement, Blue rose has tone or dyed since natural lavender.

Not enough all these meanings are colored roses, also producing other meanings that can be combined with each other. After all, they can still be easily combined with other designs, which makes their meanings clearer, and good options anywhere on the body, and women as both men. However, their meanings are always variable, with each creating a specific “mythology”.

Roses Tattoo Meaning

Updated: 16 November 2021, 20:40