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Other Meanings of ROSC Definition

  • Return Of Spontaneous Circulation (Medical, Circulation, Cardiac)
  • Restoration of spontaneous circulation (Medical)
  • Roscovitine (Fertility, Medical)
  • Recovery-Oriented System of Care (Medical, Recovery, Care)
  • Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (Recovery, Care, Health)
  • Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care
  • Recovery Oriented System of Care (Service, Technology, Health)
  • Recovery Orientated System of Care
  • Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes (Coding, Business, Government)
  • Radar Observer Simulator Course (Training, Military, Academy)
  • Radiological Operations Support Center
  • Ralston Out of School Care
  • Ramstein Officers’ Spouses Club
  • Reaching Out-of-School Children (Bangladesh, Education, Development)
  • Reaching Out of School Children (Education, Bangladesh, Business)
  • Rear Operations Support Center
  • Recommended Oral Self-Care (Dentistry, Dental, Medical)
  • Regional Operations and Security Center (US Army)
  • Region Orthogonal Signal Correction (Chemistry)
  • Removed Operand Set Computer
  • Report on Observance of Standards and Codes (Coding, Business, Accounting)
  • Reports on Observance of Standards and Codes (Coding, Business, Banking)
  • Report on Standards and Codes
  • Reports on Standards and Codes
  • Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes (IMF)
  • Report on the Observation of Standards and Codes
  • Resources for Organizing and Social Change
  • Resuscitation Guidelines (Medical)
  • return of spontaneous circulation (Medical)
  • Return of Spontaneous Circulation (medical)
  • Review of Scottish Culture
  • Review of Standards and Codes
  • River Oaks Soccer Club
  • Robins Officers’ Spouses’ Club
  • Rocketdyne Operations Support Center
  • Royal Ostend Swimming Club
  • Rural Organizational Safety Culture
  • Roll over Stability Control
  • Ring Oscillator
  • Reachback Operations Support Center (USAF)

What is the meaning of ROSC abbreviation?

Meaning of ROSC definition is Return Of Spontaneous Circulation in Medical, Circulation, Cardiac.

ROSC Full Form

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