QGES Meaning

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Other Meanings of QGES Definition

  • Quail Glen Elementary School (Education)
  • Quartier Général (French: Headquarters)
  • Qatargas (Doha, Qatar; est. 1984)
  • Queen’s Gambit (chess)
  • Quasigeostrophic (meteorology)
  • Quantitative Genetics
  • Quality Gate (project management)
  • Quadrature Generator
  • Quake God (Quake gaming)
  • Quality & Green (Nissan engine)
  • Quasigeminal
  • Query Firearm Licence (police incident code; New Zealand)

What is the meaning of QGES abbreviation?

Meaning of QGES definition is Quail Glen Elementary School in Education.

QGES Full Form

Updated: 12 September 2021, 12:07