PPHI Meaning

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Other Meanings of PPHI Definition

  • Patient & Population Health and Informatics (Science, Knowledge, Research)
  • Paul Peck Humanities Institute
  • Pediatric Public Health Initiative
  • Pengadilan Perselisihan Hubungan Industrial (Indonesia, Jakarta, Industrial)
  • Peninsula Postgraduate Health Institute
  • Penyelesaian Perselisihan Hubungan Industrial (Industry, Indonesia, Industrial)
  • People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative
  • Peoples Primary Healthcare Initiative (Pakistan, Medical, Health)
  • Peoples Primary Health Initiative (Pakistan, Medical, Consultation)
  • Perhimpunan Peneliti Hati Indonesia
  • President’s Primary Healthcare Initiative

What is the meaning of PPHI abbreviation?

Meaning of PPHI definition is Patient & Population Health and Informatics in Science, Knowledge, Research.

PPHI Full Form

Updated: 08 September 2021, 18:55