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Other Meanings of PMAC Definition

  • Power Management and Control
  • Performance Measurement and Control
  • Port Moody Arts Centre (Canada)
  • Pete Maravich Assembly Center (Louisian State University; Baton Rouge, LA)
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Canada
  • Purchasing Management Association of Canada
  • Peripheral Module Access Controller
  • Parallelizable Message Authentication Code (algorithm; cryptography)
  • Programmable Multi-Axis Controller
  • Permanent-Magnet Alternating Current (electric motor)
  • Purchasing Management Association of Chicago
  • Professional Masters in Accounting
  • Performance Modeling and Characterization
  • Partial Modal Assurance Criterion
  • Performance Management Advisory Committee
  • Password Modification Access Code (SEC)
  • Packet Media Access Controller
  • Plant and Microbe Adaptations to Cold
  • Personnel Management Action Committee
  • Period Moving Average Cost
  • Precision Multi-Axis Controller (robotics)
  • Proposed Material Acquisition Change
  • Preliminary Maintenance Allocation Chart (US DoD)

What is the meaning of PMAC abbreviation?

Meaning of PMAC definition is Power Management and Control.

PMAC Full Form

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