PINB Meaning

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Other Meanings of PINB Definition

  • Puroindoline B (Genetic, Medical)
  • Percutaneous Incisional Needle Biopsy (Oncology, Medical)
  • Pinb Is Not a Blog
  • Powiatowego Inspektoratu Nadzoru Budowlanego (Polish: District Construction Supervision Inspectorate; Poznan, Poland)
  • Powiatowego Inspektora Nadzoru Budowlanego
  • Powiatowe Inspektoraty Nadzoru Budowlanego
  • Powiatowy Inspektorat Nadzoru Budowlanego (Jest, Art, Pol)
  • Powiatowy Inspektor Nadzoru Budowlanego (Poland)

What is the meaning of PINB abbreviation?

Meaning of PINB definition is Puroindoline B in Genetic, Medical.

PINB Full Form

Updated: 09 September 2021, 23:32