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Other Meanings of PCPR Definition

  • Partido Comunista de Puerto Rico
  • Premier Clinician Performance Registry (Dietetics, Medical, Nutrition)
  • Pest Control Products Regulations
  • Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable (Philadelphia, Education, Access)
  • Powiatowe Centrum Pomocy Rodzinie
  • Powiatowe Centra Pomocy Rodzinie
  • Powiatowym Centrum Pomocy Rodzinie
  • Powiatowego Centrum Pomocy Rodzinie (Polish: District Family Assistance Center; Poland)
  • Primary Care Payment Reform
  • Professional Communication and Public Relations (degree)
  • Programa de Combate à Pobreza Rural
  • Promotion of Church People’s Response
  • Promotion of Church Peoples’ Response
  • Promotion of Church Peoples Response (Philippine, Government, Human)
  • Provider Claims Processing Requirements (Medical)
  • Pre-Claim Project Review
  • Pittsburgh Center for Pain Research (Pennsylvania)
  • Pierce County Parks & Recreation (Washington; also seen as PCPR)
  • Pediatric Cardiology Patient Records (patient database software)

What is the meaning of PCPR abbreviation?

Meaning of PCPR definition is Partido Comunista de Puerto Rico.

PCPR Full Form

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