PATB Meaning

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Other Meanings of PATB Definition

  • Peptidoglycan O-acetyltransferase B (Biochemistry, Medical)
  • Permeable Asphalt Treated Base
  • Permeable asphalt-treated base
  • Pes Anserinus Tendinobursitis (Rheumatology, Medical)
  • Petroleum Alcohol and Tobacco Bureau (Bureaus, Government)
  • Phoenixville Area Time Bank (Business, Accounting, Finance)
  • Pinky and the Brain (TV show)
  • Police Anti-Terrorism Brigade (Military)
  • Provincial Apprenticeship and Training Board (Education)
  • Pes Anserinus Tendino-Bursitis (rheumatology)
  • Petroleum, Alcohol, and Tobacco Bureau (New York)
  • Police Anti-Terrorist Brigade

What is the meaning of PATB abbreviation?

Meaning of PATB definition is Peptidoglycan O-acetyltransferase B in Biochemistry, Medical.

PATB Full Form

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