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Other Meanings of PACF Definition

  • Performance Assessment and Checkout Facility (Aerospace, Satellite, Technology)
  • Partial Autocorrelation Function (statistics)
  • Partial Auto-Correlation Function (Analysis, Technology, Model)
  • Partial Auto Correlation Function (Banking, Finance, Business)
  • Palestine Avenir for Childhood Foundation
  • Palo Alto Community Fund (est. 1979; Palo Alto, CA)
  • Pan-African Competitiveness Forum (Conference, Technology, Africa)
  • Pan African Competitiveness Forum (Africa, Technology, Conference)
  • Pan African Children’s Fund
  • Parent and Child Foundation
  • Parkersburg Area Community Foundation (County, Technology, Grant)
  • Parsons Area Community Foundation
  • Performance Assessment and Control Facility (Technology)
  • Performance Assessment and Check-out Facility (Technology)
  • Performance Assessment and Check-out Platform (Technology, Space, Astronomy)
  • Performing Arts Charitable Foundation
  • Philippine American Cultural Foundation
  • Polish Arts and Culture Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
  • Positive Action for Children Fund (various locations)
  • Post-Acute Care Facility (Urology, Medical)
  • Post Acute Care Facility
  • Performance Assessment and System Checkout Facility (avionics)
  • Performing Arts Center Foundation (various locations)

What is the meaning of PACF abbreviation?

Meaning of PACF definition is Performance Assessment and Checkout Facility in Aerospace, Satellite, Technology.

PACF Full Form

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