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Other Meanings of OPAS Definition

  • Operational Property Asset System (Structural, Engineering, Industry)
  • Offshore Processing Agreements (Oil, Business, Nigeria)
  • Operational Planning and Scheduling (Transportation, Conveyance, Shipping)
  • Optical Parametric Amplifiers (Amplifier, Fiber, Oscillator)
  • Optical Phased Arrays (Laser, Beam, Energy)
  • Organização Pan-Americana de Saúde (Para, Brasil, Medico)
  • Otherwise Protected Areas (Military)
  • Overpass (Locations, Military)
  • Off-Power Assisted Steering
  • -Organ Projection Areas (Complementary Medicine, Medical)
  • Observable Practice Activities (Education, Medical Education, Medical)
  • Occupational Pensions Advisory Service (Scheme, Business, Investment)
  • Oconee Performing Arts Society
  • Ocular Pain Assessment Survey (Ophthalmology, Ophthalmic, Medical)
  • Office for Partnerships for Advanced Skills (Education, Technology, University)
  • Office for Partnership for Advanced Skills
  • Office of Pre-Award Services
  • Office of Provider Adoption Support
  • Office of Public Affairs
  • Office of the Pensions Advisory Service
  • Off Power Assisted Steering
  • Ohio Performance Accountability System
  • Ohio Plein Air Society
  • Oil-Particle Aggregates (Environmental Health, Public Health, Health)
  • Olympic Pain & Addiction Services
  • Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society
  • Omaha Performing Arts Society
  • Online Peer Assessment System
  • Ontario Plein Air Society (Painting, Art, Air)
  • Ontario Provincial Air Service
  • Opera and Performing Arts Society
  • Operational Amplifiers (Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, Medical)
  • Operations Planning and Analysis Systems (Technology)
  • Opposed Port Alignment System
  • Opsonophagocytic Killing Assays (Allergy, Immunology, Medical)
  • Opsonophagocytic Assays (Allergy, Immunology, Medical)
  • Orchestra Planning and Administration System
  • Oregon Pre-Engineering & Applied Science
  • Organismal Performance Assays (Neurology, Medical)
  • Organización Pan-Americana de la Salud
  • Organizational Prior Approval System
  • Organizational Performance Assessment System (Organizations)
  • Organizational Process Assets (Projection, Technology, Management)
  • Organization process assets
  • Organização Pan-Americana da Saúde (Brasil, Para, Pan)
  • Organização Pan Americana da Saúde
  • Organização Pan Americana de Saúde (Para, Brasil, Dos)
  • organ procurement agencies (Medical)
  • Organ Procurement Agencies (Public Health, Healthcare, Medical)
  • Other Protected Areas (Military)
  • Outpatient Pharmacy Anticoagulation Service
  • Outpatient Pharmacy Automation System
  • Outward processing arrangements
  • Overhead Panel ARINC 629 System (Technology, Aircraft, Aviation)
  • Overseas Performing Artists
  • Overseas Programmes Application System
  • Operational Assignment

What is the meaning of OPAS abbreviation?

Meaning of OPAS definition is Operational Property Asset System in Structural, Engineering, Industry.

OPAS Full Form

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