OIPA Meaning

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Other Meanings of OIPA Definition

  • Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association
  • Outer Inflammatory Protein A (Microbiology)
  • Office of Information and Public Affairs
  • Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis (Research, Education, Analytics)
  • Office of Intellectual Property Administration
  • Ohio Indoor Performance Association
  • Oklahoma Independent Producers Association
  • Old Irving Park Association
  • Oracle Insurance Policy Administration
  • Organizzazione Internazionale Protezione Animali (Italian: International Organization for the Protection of Animals)
  • Orile Iganmu Progressive Association
  • Office of the Independent Police Auditor
  • Olympic Insignia Protection Act (Australia)

What is the meaning of OIPA abbreviation?

Meaning of OIPA definition is Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association.

OIPA Full Form

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