Number of Roses Meaning

Is it more meaningful to send a single number of roses or an even number of roses ideas? If you think the number of roses doesn’t matter, you are very wrong. Because every number has a special meaning in rose.

As you know, rose expresses love. But passionate, but pure here is the flower of love, rose. Red rose; It represents love, courage, respect and passion. White Rose; purity, innocence mean secret and worthiness, while yellow rose expresses friendship and joy. Also number of roses meaning is below.

1 Rose Meaning

1 Rose MeaningOne rose is always a savior. Especially if it is presented decorated in a box, it can be extremely romantic at a time. Moreover, the meaning is beautiful, if you want to say “I admire you” or “You are special for me”, get a rose in the easiest way. However, the meaning to be deducted from here is not “go buy a single rose” of course!

If you are buying a single rose, it must be special. It must be carefully packed and definitely contain a note.

Meaning of 1 rose; it is considered as the most beautiful gift made against meeting, seeing what you know and the person you value most in your life. The true meaning of a rose is described as “Special love and admiration focused on you”.

2 Roses Meaning

2 Roses MeaningIt is the number of roses that couples in love can show their deep love. It means mutual love, if you are sure that you are loved, you can knock on the door of two shot puters. It means “We love each other with deep and great love.” means.

Meaning of 2 roses, loving and being loved is a different feeling. It is one of the best gifts to be sent on special occasions, even if those who know what they love and know that they are loved do not appeal to each other with words and words. The meaning of buying 2 roses or giving two roses is “we love each other with deep mutual love”.

3 Roses Meaning

3 Roses MeaningMeaning of 3 roses, if your love does not fit in you, it is not enough to explain whatever you do, come up with 3 roses. Because three roses means “I love you very much”.

If you couldn’t tell your love to the other person, or you said, you want to show this even more beautifully. For this, send 3 roses to the person you love. The meaning of the three roses is “I love you very much”. If the person you send the flowers does not know the meaning, then it is useful to write the text I would recommend you to read the “meaning of roses” section on on the card.

4 Roses Meaning

4 red roses the perfect way to say ‘nothing will come between us’. Meaning of four roses also states that one cannot enter between two people.

5 Roses Meaning

Meaning of 5 roses, “I care about you very much!” is the perfect representation of that. Five roses can be gifted to your partner and even to a friend.

5 roses are a great way to express your love for someone special. If you want to show a partner or friend how much you value them, five roses are an ideal option.

6 Roses Meaning

6 Roses MeaningIf you have come to a stage where things get serious, you can send her 6 roses and say, “I want to be with you.”

Also other meaning of 6 roses is; Men do not always send roses to women. Sometimes it can send roses to men in women. If the lover knows the love and love, if he is sure that the other person loves him, if he wants to be with him or to be his, then he must send 6 roses together. In Turkish society, it cannot express its feelings to women as well as men. Men should also send 6 red roses to the person they love and want to be with. Here is the meaning of sending six roses “I want to be with you”.

7 Roses Meaning

Meaning of 7 roses expresses the feeling of puncture against someone. Seveb roses – given the meaning of the roses, this amount indicates puncture.

8 Roses Meaning

Meaning of 8 Roses shows eight roses support. If someone is going through a difficult period, giving him 8 roses says “I support you no matter what.” Also, if a friend or family member is having a hard time, eight roses are the perfect number to gift as they support.

9 Roses Meaning

9 Roses MeaningDo you believe your love is immortal? Want to prove your great love and write it to eternity? Our suggestion to you is to send 9 roses. Because meaning of 9 roses is “We will love each other forever.”.

Lovers and loved ones sometimes want to be mentioned on special occasions. Birthday, Valentine’s Day, New Year, holidays, the first moment you meet or the first place you meet, such as your promised, engaged or married wedding anniversary, etc. The number of roses you will send to your loved one on days must be 9. Nine roses mean “we will love each other forever”.

10 Roses Meaning

Meaning of 10 roses is “You are perfect!”. Also ten roses, a simple yet powerful way to tell someone special that they’re ‘perfect.’.

11 Roses Meaning

11 Roses MeaningThe ideal number of roses to prepare for a romantic evening is eleven. Because 11 red roses are the flowers of those who cannot put their love in words, those who want love to last forever. You are saying, “You are the one I love the most in my life” with this number of roses. Those who are offended, who regret what they do, who can not fit their love into words, who have adopted love as a principle, if you do not think that your feelings are cut or end, and who believe in their love forever, can send 11 roses.

The meaning of 11 roses is “You are the one I love the most in my life”. The person who sent and received this rose is also the happiest person.

12 Roses Meaning

12 Roses MeaningAll you need to do is to send 12 roses to your lover, whose existence is your cause of happiness, to ensure that you understand its value and in a sense, thank you. Because meaning of 12 roses is “mutual love”. You may believe that the person you love really makes you happy. If the person you love gives you what you want but what your forces are not enough for him or her. If that person has the real meaning of your life then don’t think about more. By sending twelve roses, you can show that what he or she gives you is enough and that you love he or she very much.

Whether it’s your colleague, your lover, your fiance, a family member or your spouse, it doesn’t matter. Making such a surprise is valuable to everything in the world. Meaning of 12 roses is “Satisfactory dignity and mutual love.”

13 Roses Meaning

13 Roses MeaningIf there is a love that has not been confessed yet, buy 13 roses instead of saying “I cannot say that this is hidden love.” If he has read this article, he will already know that the meaning of 13 red roses is secret love, if not, you will have at least made a romantic gesture.

Sometimes you love someone so much that you cannot express your love to that person. You are afraid that he will shout, break you. But you want to announce your love and love to that person. You never want this love and love to be heard. You don’t want to show yourself for a while. If you are in such a structure, if you send thirteen roses, you will tell your feelings to the other person. However, the person you love may have forgotten what the number of roses means, then it will be enough to write “see the number and meaning of roses” in the attached card. The person who receives 13 roses understands that “someone admires and falls in love with him”. In short, 13 roses can also mean hidden lovers.

14 Roses Meaning

Are you proud of someone? Give them 14 roses. If you are proud of someone, the number to choose is fourteen roses.

15 Roses Meaning

Would you like to apologize? Meaning or 15 roses is “I’m sorry!”. If you did something to upset and forgive someone, choose fifteen roses.

16 Roses Meaning

16 Roses Meaning16 roses are the rose style that most people who get into marriage preparations adopt. Sixteen roses are the indicator of love, rejoicing and being happy. It is an indication that you are honored to honor the person and your family.

The meaning of 16 roses is “I love you very much.

It has given me happiness and honor that the family also allowed me to show this love. I give these flowers but I will marry to be with you until eternity”.

24 Roses Meaning

24 Roses MeaningEspecially in relationships that cannot be met frequently during the day, it is a real savior because 24 roses mean “I think about you 24 hours”. If you bought such a flower, you can be sure that it is flashing with your dream all day, that it cannot take you out of your mind and that it is in love with you grossly.

According to the meaning of 24 roses, you are far away or too busy to reach. Even if he is not with you, you are with him every minute. He calls, speaks but you can not get yourself out of his love. You always see it in your dreams and where you are. However, there is nothing as good as surprise him. Or 24 roses came to you. Before you get confused, look at the meaning of 24 roses and beer, it means “I remember every minute of the moments we were together with love and can’t forget. I am excited as I remember.” The person who sent such a flower is a person who is with you.

33 Roses Meaning

33 Roses MeaningIn the sense of 33 roses, you are always with it in your life. You think of it as a source of life for you. You claim that living and life will not make sense without it. You know that you are dizzy with your love and that you are immersed. Sometimes you even think this love will strangle you. You want the other person to hear these feelings, then send 33 roses together. Send 33 roses to say “I love you with deep love. You are in every part of my life, you should know it. You are a source of life for me”.

If you do not think that it will not have a taste of life, send 33 roses to your beloved girlfriend. This is “I love you deeply. You will have an opportunity to say that you are in every moment of my life, you are my light of life. ”

Meaning of 36 Roses

36 Roses MeaningYou are with the person who has the most romantic moments and emotional days of your life. You are in love with him. Maybe you lived your most romantic moments with this person that you could not live. Sometimes you got emotional, sometimes you couldn’t keep your tears, sometimes you noticed the beauty of the wind, night or day, sea or rain with it. Here you remember a person who made you experience or allow you to experience such moments. Sending 36 roses is to remember these moments again and show that you are alive. The person who bought 36 red roses means “to give the person with whom they are together the most romantic moments and cause them to get caught in the wind of love, live their days with these emotions”.

44 Roses Meaning

44 Roses MeaningThe meaning of 44 roses: You want to show how you look like a person, against a community, or against your supervisor in a workplace where you work, what you look like about your character or personality.

However, you cannot explain this to your lover, your verbal or the person you will marry. You have done reassuring actions in your home or office. You think nobody will believe you anymore. In such cases, your promises may not be effective. If you want to gain the self-confidence of the people, we recommend you to send 44 roses. Sending 44 roses means “I promise I will never change”

50 Roses Meaning

50 Roses MeaningIf you are overwhelmingly in love, the amount of roses you have to send is 50. Sending fifty roses to someone means “I can never resist to love you either.”.

The other meaning of 50 roses : You love someone very much, you feed him irresistibly great feelings of love. If you can say when everything is over or if you know that you have not seen anyone else in your life, then send or send 50 roses to this person. If someone gives you 50 roses in your life or brings them through a flower shop, you know that he is trying to say “he is incomparably in love with you”.

Meaning of 56 Roses

56 roses mean that you feel like a dream. Now you know that you are at the height of your love. Whatever you look at, you see it. Whatever you do, you live with it. Now you think you will eventually come together. You think that you cannot even see the mistakes of him or yourself and that you cannot resist his love. You want it to be enough if you put it in words, you really want it to feel. Then you should send 56 roses. 56 To tell you that you have only one love in your life.

66 Roses Meaning

The meaning of 66 roses is the same with the person you are with, the way you look at the problems, your solution ideas are the same, when you look in your eyes, love … When you look at your lips, longing … When you touch your cheek and your skin … Even if you look at it with love … If the action reminds you of love, then send 66 roses. If you are buying 66 roses, it says “You have had a successful love and you have had a successful love”. It means that 66 roses senders have the same feelings.

99 Roses Meaning

If you have a lover you have been with for a long time and you have made a mistake against him, send him 99 roses to ask for forgiveness. “My love for you will last forever, I am always with you and I will continue to love you.” The number of roses to be sent is 99.

The meaning of 99 roses you met, loved and loved. You have made mistakes, but welcomed you with understanding not to make the same mistake in front of you … He loves you and those around you as much as you do … He has always been with you by ignoring the big mistakes of people around you and your loved one, and always makes you love because he has made it unreachable. When you see that this happiness is not even fitting words, 99 roses are the most beautiful way of expression. The person who sends or sends 99 roses means “their love will last until death or eternity. I love more than anything”.

101 Roses Meaning

101 Roses MeaningThe meaning of 101 roses sometimes has such love that does not fall out of languages … Sometimes there are such love that even years do not wear out … Sometimes there is such love and love that it is like wine, it increases taste and longing with life … Sometimes such love and love there is a challenge to years and immortalizes the lives of two people … That kind of love is told not with words, but with flowers. If you are living or keeping such great love, then it deserves 101 flowers. If you have bought 101 flowers, it means “You have had a great love from the past to this day. I believe that you will make this love taste from day to day. I love you more than the first day I met you.

The number of roses that love languages, which years cannot wear, is 101. The number of roses you can say is “This is a rose for you, and the remaining 1 is for you, my love, my love for you is superior to everything”.

150 Roses Meaning

While everyone admires you, you can only hang on to one person, and here is the number of roses you need to send to him. “Your love blinded me. If you have me, you don’t. Never mind the outsiders, you are the sultan of my heart. ” The number of roses that best suit your love is 150.

As the meaning of 150 roses, you see that hundreds of people around you admire you. And you admire one person. And you love it more than anything. His love has made you blind. You say this, but he cannot understand or want to understand it … Or you cannot tell him that it is one for you. Here is the best way and method of expressing your feeling is to send 150 roses. The meaning of 150 roses is “You are the only one in my life. Nobody else cares about you”. The person who bought 150 roses should know that he is very lucky.

200 Roses Meaning

200 Roses MeaningThe meaning of 200 roses is to get married. “Will you marry me?” Send 200 roses to the lover you want to ask.

If you say that love is eternal, love says okay and you are an unforgettable person of your life, then you can say that I want to be with this person forever. Send 200 roses to the person you are going to propose to. 200 flowers mean “WILL YOU MARRY ME!”. On the card of these flowers, just say “Count the roses first, count again and keep the number in mind. Then look at the” number and meaning of roses “section from”. When you write your article, you get a second surprise. Now, the person you propose to marry will have lived two. The first is to get 200 roses, and the second is to learn the marriage proposal from the internet. This situation happily met in boys and girls.

252 Roses Meaning

252 roses in meaning; You can fall in love with everyone, there are so much love that people feel like they are reborn. They want to start life again and relive life. You believe that you can no longer fall in love with anyone but him. You say that, he won’t even believe it. But when you send 252 flowers, then he will understand that your love is so big that it is infinite. 252 flowers, married ones can give to their wives, lovers, new lovers.

300 Roses Meaning

According to the meaning of 300 roses, the end of the peak of Love and Love is not always a marriage. There are so many loves that it is believed that marriage will extinguish this love. People who are at the peak of love and love sometimes avoid getting married. They are so passionately attached to the other person that they sometimes think of themselves as boats in this sea of ​​love. When they are tossed freely in the sea of ​​love of the boat, they stop by each port with the sea. They believe that the new days with their lover in every port they go will always bring happiness to them.

They see marriage as the hole at the bottom of this boat. For those who believe that love is everlasting and freely, that their love is greater among all kinds of beauties, 300 roses are meaningful. 300 Roses means, “Unlimited and free love … The blood in this person’s own veins that makes this love live, you are in every beauty, there is nothing without you.”.

Meaning of 365 Roses

Meaning of 365 RosesWhat is the meaning of 365 roses? It is a great form of expression for those who believe that love grows with enthusiasm after meeting and meeting. The meaning of giving or sending 365 roses is “I will love you once, every day. The rose fades but our love stays with the fading rose. My love is a bouquet, my love is a leaf. You were born, I was born with you too.

I’m damned … You are the joy, sadness, laughter, sadness of everything in my life “. These flowers are gifted on wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and the year of dating.


666 Roses Meaning

What do 666 roses mean? The excess of love sometimes makes people sad. Sometimes we think that we don’t deserve this love ourselves. We regret what we have done in the face of the love of the other person. He thinks that he loves by increasing his love day by day even in the face of these things. At that moment he gives up everything and every behavior, every speech, every look of his eyes comes to our eyes. We think that we keep ourselves alive with his love. Send 666 roses as soon as you cannot put this love in words and tell it.

Meaning of 777 Roses

What is the meaning of 777 roses? Life is always full of surprises. You think of yourself as someone who does not know and live what love is. When you believe that you are with someone who teaches you what love and love are and truly enjoy it for 777 days when you believe it has changed the course of your life. Send 777 roses if you believe that love and love only reminds you of it, when you say laugh and happiness, you only see it, if it comes out of your life, you will not differ from the dead. The meaning of the 777 rose tells you that you love and live so much that it cannot be expressed in words, not felt by glance, and no one can replace it.

888 Roses Meaning

What does 888 mean? Those who believed that life was born, reading, working and serving, but believing that life began with love and affection, send 888 roses to their loved ones. Love and love are inseparable, as in figure 8. It is believing that there can be no love where there is no love, and that those who live this love will be with love forever, that their lover will live as long as they are alive, and that they will die when they are not. The meaning of 888 roses means “making a promise that love and love will be together forever and that even death will not be able to break itself off”.

999 Roses Meaning

999 Roses Meaning“In sickness and health, good day and bad day; I will continue to love you no matter what life brings us. ” When it means to say, the number of flowers to be sent is 999.

Meaning of 999 roses: Wealth and poverty, sadness and joy, tears and laughter, love and poison, life and death, presence and absence, health and disease, good day and bad day, no matter what young and old we are, we are in any case we are together. We will continue to be together. Even the most painful day is our happiness, and the most joyful day is the proof of our happiness. I will be happy to fall in love with you in any way, to be with you. I love you more than anything. Life is you and my life will exist with you.

1001 Roses Meaning

1001 Roses MeaningWhat do 1001 roses mean? Those who live this love are very lucky. Such a love and affection is a love that deserves 1001 roses. In fact, this love can not be expressed with words or expensive gifts. It is told only and only with 1001 roses. This love makes people feel as if they were in 1001 nights. The woman and the princess feel like the prince. They live such a love that it is big enough to shed light on the future that will be a fairy tale or a story. Here those who live this love send 1001 roses to each other. The meaning of 1001 roses means “I will always love you whether we are together in this world or not. I know you are waiting for me in the other world if you come out of my life. I will love you with your soul even if your body disappears”.

1001 roses are the flowers of eternal lovers. If you can’t get to your loved one, or if you have, but it is the flower of those who say, “Even if the world reverses, life will take you one day from me, I will continue to love and wait for you.

2001 Roses Meaning

2001 Roses MeaningWhat is the meaning of 2001 roses? You’re a gorgeous person, I’m passionate about you. Just one night with you is enough for me.

But after tonight I know that you will leave me and I will leave you.

You are the light source of my life.

You are the source of happiness, love, love life.


Other Rose Number Meanings

  • 17 Red Roses Meaning

    The meaning of 17 roses means that it is important for you. They are best to be gifted to your partner. Seventeen roses you will present to your partner on his birthday or any other special occasion.

  • 18 Roses Meaning

    18 roses symbolize intimacy in meaning. Say “Stay Young and Beautiful” to someone you love. If you want to tell your loved ones to ‘stay young and beautiful’, give them eighteen roses, a symbol of sincerity and truth.

  • 19 Roses Meaning

    The meaning of 19 roses is “I will wait for you forever my love”. The number nineteen is the number of roses to give to someone you plan to wait.

  • 20 Roses Meaning

    Meaning of 20 roses is “I am sincere and honest with you.”. In addition, twelve roses mean the symbol of sincerity and faith.

  • 21 Roses Meaning

    The meaning of 21 roses, Are you ready to give loyalty to your partner? 21 roses means “I am connected to you”. Show your dedication with a bouquet of twenty one roses.

  • 22 Roses Meaning

    The meaning of 22 roses is togetherness and luck. The amount of 22 red roses has two meanings – togetherness and luck.

  • 23 Red Roses Meaning

    23 white roses have no meaning. But what is wrong with asking someone to be happy? Search for meaning If you want, you can gift 23 roses.

  • Meaning of 25 roses is “I wish you all the happiness in the world!”. I wish everyone happiness in the world with 25 roses.
  • Meaning of 26 roses is “Complete me”.
  • 27 roses meaning is “I love my beloved wife”. Tell your wife how much you love it with 27 red roses.
  • Meaning of red 28 roses is “You are your best friend forever”.
  • Meaning of 29 rose is “You are special to me”.
  • 30 roses mean that “They mean faith and loyalty”. This amount shows faith and loyalty.
  • Meaning of 31 roses is Suggest with 31 roses. “Will you be mine?”
  • 32 rose mean that “I will love you until my last breath!”
  • 34 roses meaning : “I fell in love with you!”
  • 35 roses meaning : “I’m so sorry!”
  • Meaning of 37 roses is “I love you from the bottom of my heart!”. If you love someone under your heart, tell them how much you are with the gift of 37 roses.
  • Meaning of 38 rose : “You are the most beautiful person I know.”.
  • Meaning of 39 rose : “You are my world.”.
  • Meaning of 40 roses : “My love for you is Real.”. This is the number to choose if you have a true love for someone special.
  • 41 red roses meaning – “We look good together”
  • 42 rose mean that “Will you marry me?”
  • 43 roses meaning is “I will always be with you.”
  • Meaning of 45 roses is “They express endless love”.
  • 46 roses meaning : “You are my soul mate.”
  • Meaning of 47 rose : This number means “You are my one” and ‘you are my only’.
  • Meaning of 49 roses : “My love for you will never change or disappear”. These roses representative of unchanging love.
  • 51 roses meaning – “You’re the only one on my mind.”. If you only have one person on your mind, choose a bouquet of 51 roses.
  • Meaning of 70 Roses – Perfect for Platinum anniversary celebrations.
  • 77 Roses Meaning – This number refers to faith and is perfect for telling someone you trust. This number of roses indicates ‘belief’ and you believe that the person you gifted is your soul mate.
  • 88 Roses Meaning – “Sorry under my heart.”. If you owe someone quite apology, 88 is the number of bodies to choose.
  • 100 Roses Meaning : 100 roses are a sign of devotion and a spiritual connection with someone. a gesture of devotion.
  • 356 Roses Meaning is “With every passing day of the year, my love for you grew stronger.”

Number of Roses Meaning

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