NCDC Meaning

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Other Meanings of NCDC Definition

  • National Climatic Data Center
  • National Clean Diesel Campaign (EPA)
  • National Cooperative Development Corporation (India)
  • North Carolina Department of Commerce
  • National Climatic Data Centre (UK)
  • North Cornwall District Council (UK)
  • National Criminal Defense College (Macon, GA)
  • Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation (Roxbury, MA)
  • Northern California Dachshund Club (Sacramento, CA)
  • Norfolk City Democratic Committee (Norfolk, VA)
  • National Communicable Disease Center
  • National Council of Development Communication
  • North Central Data Cooperative
  • Naval Contract Distribution Center (US Navy)
  • National Centers for Disease Control

What is the meaning of NCDC abbreviation?

Meaning of NCDC definition is National Climatic Data Center.

NCDC Full Form

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