NBCF Meaning

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Other Meanings of NBCF Definition

  • National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • National Breast Cancer Fund
  • Natural Bodybuilding Competition Forum
  • Nebraska Biomechanics Core Facility
  • Neonatal Brain-derived Carcinostatic Factor (Cell, Cytology, Cell Biology)
  • New Beginnings Christian Fellowship
  • New Beginning Christian Fellowship
  • New Brunswick Choral Federation (Canada)
  • New Building Canada Fund (Canada, Business, National)
  • Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation
  • Nonlinear Bernoulli Cell Formalism (Medical)
  • Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Fire (Military, Ministry Of Defence, Government)
  • Network for Business and Commercial Finance (UK)

What is the meaning of NBCF abbreviation?

Meaning of NBCF definition is National Breast Cancer Foundation.

NBCF Full Form

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