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Other Meanings of NAHC Definition

  • National Association for Home Care (Medical, Care, Nursing)
  • National Advisory Health Council
  • National Advisory Heart Council (Medical, Medicine, Health)
  • National Association of Housing Cooperatives
  • Native American Health Center (Psychopharmacology, Medical)
  • North American Hunting Club
  • Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation
  • National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (Sport, Team, Hockey)
  • National Aboriginal Hockey Championship
  • National Affordable Housing Corporation
  • National Anti-Hunt Campaign (Medical)
  • National Archive for the History of Computing (UK)
  • National Association of Home Care (USA, Medicine, Healthcare)
  • National Association of Healthcare Consultants
  • National Association for Health Care
  • National Association of Health Care
  • National Association of Hospital Chaplains
  • National Association of Healthcare Chaplains
  • National Association of Health Consultants
  • National Association for Home Care and Hospice
  • Native American Heritage Commission
  • National AIDS Housing Coalition
  • Next Ascent Hill-Climbing (clustering algorithm)

What is the meaning of NAHC abbreviation?

Meaning of NAHC definition is National Association for Home Care in Medical, Care, Nursing.

NAHC Full Form

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