LOCC Meaning

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Other Meanings of LOCC Definition

  • Local Operations and Classical Communication (Medical)
  • Launch Operations Control Center
  • Launch Operations Control Centre (Military, Ministry Of Defence, Government)
  • Landelijk Operationeel Coordinatie Centrum
  • Lander Operations Control Centre (Technology)
  • Late-Onset Colon Cancers (Surgery, Medical)
  • Lateral Occipital Cortex (Anatomy, Cerebrum, Human Anatomy)
  • League of California Cities (Sacramento, CA)
  • Legend of Cao Cao
  • Lens on Climate Change (Program, Education, School)
  • Lexington One Community Coalition
  • Library of Congress Classification (Washington, DC)
  • Lily Orphan Care Centers
  • Live Oak Crestview Climate Acquisition (Ticker Symbols)
  • Living Oaks Community Church
  • Llamas of Central Colorado
  • Localizing Circumferential Compression (Toxicology, Medical)
  • Local Officers’ Compensation Commission
  • Local Officers Compensation Commission
  • Local Quantum Operations and Classical Communication
  • Local Operation and Classical Communication
  • Loss of Coolant Casualty

What is the meaning of LOCC abbreviation?

Meaning of LOCC definition is Local Operations and Classical Communication in Medical.

LOCC Full Form

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