JTAM Meaning

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Other Meanings of JTAM Definition

  • Job Transfer And Manipulation (Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications)
  • Job Transfer And Management (Military)
  • Jackson Thornton Asset Management (Management, Administration, Goverance)
  • Japanese Teachers Association of Michigan
  • Japanese Teachers’ Association of Michigan
  • Joint Threshold Administration Model
  • Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Institute of Mechanics and Biomechanics; Bulgarian Academy of Science)
  • Journal of Threat Assessment and Management (Journals, Magazines, Publications)
  • Journal of Taipei Astronomical Museum (Taipei, Taiwan)

What is the meaning of JTAM abbreviation?

Meaning of JTAM definition is Job Transfer And Manipulation in Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications.

JTAM Full Form

Updated: 11 September 2021, 02:31