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Other Meanings of JSMS Definition

  • Jeroen Search Markus Suckut
  • Jeroen Search, Markus Suckut
  • Jeroen Search & Markus Suckut (Figure, Techno, Music)
  • Jimmy Sandy Memorial School (Message, Technology, Java)
  • Joint Spectrum Management System
  • Joint Staff Mapping System
  • Journal of the Society of Material Science (Social, Technology, Research)
  • Japan Society of Materials Science
  • Java Short Messages Sender
  • Java System Messaging Server (Sun, Technology, Message)
  • Jefferson Scranton Middle School (District, Technology, Student)
  • Jharkhand Society Of Mathematical Sciences (Science, Knowledge, Research)
  • Job-Specific Modules (Environmental Health, Public Health, Health)
  • Job Service Matching System (Software, Technology, Management)
  • Joes Soccer and More Site (Message, Technology, School)
  • John Sevier Middle School
  • Joint Strike Missiles (Missile, Military, Aviation)
  • Jonas Salk Middle School
  • Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport
  • Journal of Slavic Military Studies
  • Journal of Social and Management Sciences (Journals, Magazines, Publications)
  • Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship
  • Journal of System and Management Sciences (Science, Technology, Management)
  • Journal of the Society of Materials Science
  • Justice Sector Metadata Scheme (Message, Technology, Science)
  • Jay Stream Middle School (Carol Stream, IL)
  • Jordan Small Middle School (Raymond, ME)
  • Japanese-Style Management Systems
  • Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society (est. 1988)

What is the meaning of JSMS abbreviation?

Meaning of JSMS definition is Jeroen Search Markus Suckut.

JSMS Full Form

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