JPPI Meaning

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Other Meanings of JPPI Definition

  • Jaringan Pelestarian Pusaka Indonesia
  • Jaringan Pemantau Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Jaringan Pemantau Perencanaan Indonesia
  • Jasa Peralatan Pelabuhan Indonesia (Indonesia, Business, Lino)
  • Jewelry Producer Price Index
  • Jewish People Policy Institute (Israel)
  • Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel
  • Jurnal Penelitian Pendidikan Indonesia (Indonesia, Technology, Jakarta)
  • Juvenile Probation and Parole Institute (Health Service, Health, Medical)

What is the meaning of JPPI abbreviation?

Meaning of JPPI definition is Jaringan Pelestarian Pusaka Indonesia.

JPPI Full Form

Updated: 08 September 2021, 21:37