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Other Meanings of IMAX Definition

  • Maximum Image (Computing, Programming, Computer)
  • Image Maximum Image (Brand, Media, Television)
  • IMaxge MaXimum Image (Technology)
  • Internal Maxillary Artery (Neurosurgery, Surgery, Medical)
  • IMAX Corporation (Ticker Symbols)
  • IMAX Systems Corporation
  • Maximum current (Semiconductor, Electronics, Physics)
  • Maximum cCurrent (Electronics, Technology, Semiconductor)
  • Maximum Intensity (Radiology, Medical)
  • I-eye Maximum (Technology, Telecom)
  • Image Max (Technology)
  • Imax Corp (Nyse Symbols)
  • Imax Systems Corp.
  • Including Maximum Of Intensity (Radiology, Medical)
  • Inhibitory Maximum (Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Medical)
  • Integrated Multifamily Access eXchange
  • Isotope Matter Antimatter Experiment
  • Maximal Inhibition (Chemistry, Medical)
  • Maximum Inhibition (Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Medical)
  • Imax Corporation (Technology)
  • Image MAXimum (Imax Corporation registered trademark for advanced film format/projection system)
  • Isotope Matter-Antimatter Experiment (spectrometry)

What is the meaning of IMAX abbreviation?

Meaning of IMAX definition is Maximum Image in Computing, Programming, Computer.

IMAX Full Form

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