IFTM Meaning

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Other Meanings of IFTM Definition

  • In-Flight Test Maintenance (Technology, Space, Cosmos)
  • In-Flight Test and Maintenance (Technology, Aerodynamics, Aviation)
  • Inclined Fuel Transfer Machine
  • Institut de formation théologique de Montréal
  • Institute of Foreign Trade and Management (University, Management, Institute)
  • Institute of Foreign Trade and Managements
  • Institute of Foreign Trade & Management (Institutes, Education)
  • Institut für Telematik in der Medizin
  • Instituto Federal do Triângulo Mineiro
  • Instituto Federal do Tri
  • International French Travel Market (Business, Locations)
  • International Federation for Tropical Medicine (Federation, Health, Society)
  • International Federation of Tropical Medicine
  • International Forum on Technology Management
  • International Forum onf Technology Management
  • International Forwarding and Transport Framework (Standard Organization, Electronic Data Interchange, IT)
  • international-french-travel-market-top-resa (Travel, France, Market)
  • International Forwarding and Transport Message
  • International Forwarding & Transport Message Framework
  • Images from the Marshes (photo blog; UK)

What is the meaning of IFTM abbreviation?

Meaning of IFTM definition is In-Flight Test Maintenance in Technology, Space, Cosmos.

IFTM Full Form

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