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Other Meanings of IDIS Definition

  • International Dismantling Information System (automotive recycling)
  • In-Depth Interviews (Depth, Group, Focus)
  • In- Depth Interviews
  • Integrated Disbursement and Information System (Manufacturing, Technology, IT)
  • Iowa Drug Information Service
  • Illicit Drugs in Sport (Drug, Illicit, Sport)
  • Instituto para el Desarrollo e Integración de la Sanidad (Hospital, Privado)
  • Integrated Disbursement Information System
  • Integrated Driver Information System
  • Istituto per la Dottrina e l’Informazione Sociale
  • Idaho Drug Information Service
  • Idaho Drug Information Services
  • Illinois Disclosure Information System
  • Immigration Directorate Instructions (Immigration, Law, Citizen)
  • Immigration Directorates Instructions
  • In-Depth Individual (Tropical Medicine, Tropics, Medical)
  • Independent Drug Information Service
  • Individual Interviews (Fertility, Medical)
  • Indonesia Development Information Services (World Bank)
  • Induced Density of Interface States (Biophysics)
  • Intelligent Driver Information System
  • Infrared Distance Measurement System
  • Internet Delivery Is Safe (retail)
  • Integrated Dealer and Importer System (MBAG)
  • Infectious Diseases Impact Statement
  • Intel Database Information System
  • Integrated Digital Informational Sign (Lavads LLC)

What is the meaning of IDIS abbreviation?

Meaning of IDIS definition is International Dismantling Information System in automotive recycling.

IDIS Full Form

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