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Other Meanings of IAPR Definition

  • Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition
  • Independent Authority for Public Revenue (Greek tax administration)
  • Indiana Alliance of Police Reserves
  • Institut d’Accompagnement Psychologique et de Ressources
  • Institute for Advanced Policy Research (Canada)
  • International Association for Pattern Recognition (Technology, Recognition, Pattern)
  • International Association on Pattern Recognition
  • International Association onf Pattern Recognition (Recognition, Pattern, Computing)
  • International Air Power Review (Media, Television, Radio)
  • International Association for the Psychology of Religion (est. 1914)
  • Iranian Association for Philosophy of Religion (Conference, Religion, Pattern)
  • Irish Academy of Public Relations
  • Independent Approaches on Parallel Runways (safety)
  • International Association of Pallet Recyclers
  • International Association of Permanent Representatives (to the UN)

What is the meaning of IAPR abbreviation?

Meaning of IAPR definition is Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition.

IAPR Full Form

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