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Ankh meaning is a symbol known since Ancient Egypt. Usually, the Ankh symbol has been associated with eternal life and renewal. Today, it has the meaning of life and spiritual wisdom.

What is the true meaning of the ankh cross?

The Ankh symbol is generally used to mean the connection between the earthly and the heavenly realm. The arm, which is the horizontal line of the Circle Heavenly Rule “T”, symbolizes the boundary that separates the earth and the heavenly realm. The descending arm containing the column symbol represents any two-way connection or communication between the two realms.

Ankh is the most common Ancient Egyptian symbol. When the ancient Egyptian symbols are examined, we see the Ankh Key as one of the most powerful religious and cultural symbols. The symbol has many meanings. Understanding “Key of the Nil” and “Key of Life” are also known as their most common meanings.

What is the true meaning of the ankh cross? ANKH Meaning

Now let’s see what the meanings of the symbol are or what it means in some cultures. In general, the Ankh Symbol represents an eternal life and coming back to life. Today it is known as a sign of spiritual wisdom (who knows how to bring his soul to peace, who chooses to be at peace with himself in his inner world and adopts positivity in his way of thinking). Various ANKH meanings have been attributed to this symbol in many cultures. Ankh was considered a symbol of life in most cultures. So much so that there are many artworks showing the pharaoh and the gods with Ankh today. For example; Egyptian culture accepts the symbol as the “Cross of Life” and, according to them, the symbol symbolizes the unity of men and women and treats them as the attraction of universal life.

ANKH Meaning as Symbol

  • It is the most used Symbol of Ancient Egypt.
  • It is found in many places in ancient Egyptian artifacts.
  • There are different opinions among Egyptologists about the meaning of the ANKH sign, whose word meaning is LIFE. There is no common thought. It is necessary to give information on different opinions on this subject.
  • The symbol is depicted in the hands of many Gods and Goddesses next to him.
  • It is mostly seen in the hand of Goddess Isis. Ankh meaning is seen here as the Symbol of Life.
  • The symbol is also considered the Key to Immortality, and is the Center where the Elixir of Immortality Flows
  • Holding the Handle represents the person who can open the Doors of the Other World, Duat.
  • It means Death and Second Birth in an initiative sense.
  • If the symbol is between the Two Eyes, it represents the Third Eye and the Initiated person who has Secret Knowledge. This means the key that opens and closes the Secrets called Arkan. On the other hand, he is the person who knows many unknown secrets.
  • ANKH meaning on the mummies refers to the process of Death and Birth.
  • The circle in the symbol means what has no beginning and end or what is the beginning and end of everything. It also refers to God Ra. God Ra is a Sun God. The Circle in Ankh is the Subtle Sun of the Sun, that is, the Sun Behind the Sun.
  • In another narration, the Circle is the Sirius Star. The Star of Sirius is the Star of the Goddess Isis. Another depiction of ANKH is known as THE KNOT OF ISIS.
  • The symbol of ANKH is used to mean Inter-Realm Contact.
  • ANKH is a Key in all Symbols.
  • In another sense, it is the symbol of the unity of Woman and Man, which together expresses the Birth of a New Life.
  • In another narrative, the Key of the River Nile is the Key of the Nile.
  • The Circle is the Symbol of the Delta Region of Alexandria Delta. The Arms are the East and West sides of the Nile.
  • ANKH is the most important Symbol of Ancient Egypt. It has many meanings. The meanings are intertwined.

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ANKH Meaning

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