Acute Meaning

Whats is Acute?

In the medical sciences, the term acute uses either “fast-starting” or “short-term” diseases, sometimes to describe both conditions. This adjective is part of the definition of many diseases and is therefore included in the names of these diseases. For example, acute leukemia or acute Acute Rheumatic Fever. Acute has the opposite meaning of the term chronic.

The term acute is often confused with the terms “severe” or “serious”. The term acute has a completely different meaning and a disease can be acute, but it does not have to be severe.

  1. Sudden onset and aggravated (acute illness).
  2. Acute is the opposite of the chronicle. Sometimes the word acute or chronic is added before the disease . The acute form of the disease is a rapidly developing form. While acute illnesses usually heal completely with treatment or surgery , chronic illnesses cannot usually heal completely.
  3. It often indicates that the condition is serious (acute pain; it appears suddenly and is a sharp pain).
  4. It is also used to mean that it needs to be treated in a short time (Acute patient, emergency patient)
  5. Cornering, narrow angle.

What is Acute Disease example?

  1. Acute Abdominal: It is a clinical condition that begins suddenly and is characterized by severe abdominal pain. It may be surgical disease. It should be diagnosed early because urgent surgery may be required.
  2. Acute Appendicitis: Occurs when the appendix lumen is blocked. If surgery is not performed (appendectomy), it may be perforated. The presence of a controversial chronic relapse community (relapsing) is mentioned appendicitis.
  3. Acute Pancreatitis
  4. Acute viral hepatitis
  5. Acute kidney failure

What is Acute Disease?

Diseases caused by microorganisms such as viruses or bacteria, which occur suddenly and last for a short time, and usually cause diseases, are called “acute” diseases, which heal immediately when they are removed from the body. Untreated acute illness can cause chronic illness or turn into chronic illness.

Examples of diseases in this group are acute influenza (cold and cough), acute respiratory diseases (acute bronchitis), isal, appendix, etc. shown.


Acute Meaning

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